I am by nature a lazy gardener. The one garden task that gets neglected more often than not is weeding. I hate weeding. If I could get away with never doing it, I’d be the happiest gardener in the world. But, every year grass and other weeds invade my garden beds. These unwelcome guests must go. I have several choices for weed control; a Weed Dragon, various hoes and cultivators, pulling by hand, and chickens. That’s right—I embrace having chickens in my garden.


Chickens in the garden

Chickens are my favorite method of weed control. If you give them some time, they will eliminate all weed, weed seeds, bugs and grubs from the garden bed. Right now, they are working the future tomato bed. I just pulled the garlic and before I plant again, I’ll let the girls have a romp through the garden bed. They will remove any cutworms, weeds, and bugs. As a bonus, their scratching around tills the bed. I am left with the task of planting, adding mulch, and tomato cages. Nothing else needs to be done.


My girls need supervision in this particular garden bed. It is outside of the garden area where they are allowed to roam free. If left unsupervised, I would have chickens everywhere. It would not be a good situation. They could get into the neighbors’ backyards. With two hours a day of supervised time, 15 hens stripped the bed clean in two days. They get tasty plants and high quality protein from bugs and grubs. I get a weed and pest free garden bed, healthier eggs, and spend less money on chicken feed.


There is a down side to allowing chickens to do your garden bed preparation. Unlike ducks, chickens will devour your favorite plants. According to my chickens, anything green or wiggling through the ground must be eaten. They do not make the distinction between the gardens you want them to be in and the gardens full of your favorite plants and veggies. Chickens prefer the latter. If you want to be able to keep your garden alive and well, a barrier of some form is necessary. I use several different methods with varying success. Expect plant casualties. It is inevitable.


— till next time